Nursery Stained Glass Windows

The beautiful stained glass windows in our nursery, crafted by Henry J. Willett of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, were installed when the church was built in 1954. They are low to the floor so young children can see them, and they depict many Bible stories of interest to children.

In the quiet room, there is a depiction of Christ surrounded by children, inspired by Matthew 19:14: But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven. This image is surrounded by scenes of children at play and at worship.

Suffer the little children …

The small windows that span both rooms depict several Biblical scenes. Except for the first one, each window is inspired by a Bible story where a child has a prominent role:

Left–The ark of Noah, inspired by Genesis 6.
Center–The young Joseph receiving his coat of many colors, inspired by Genesis 37.
Right–The infant Moses in the bulrushes, inspired by Exodus 2.

Left–The call of the Prophet Samuel, inspired by 1 Samuel 3.
Center–The shepherd boy David playing the harp, inspired by 1 Samuel 16.
Right–The Israelite servant girl, who suggested that Naaman the Syrian go to the Prophet Elisha to be cleanse
d of his leprosy, inspired by 2 Kings 5.

Left–The Nativity of our Lord, inspired by Luke 2.
Center–The boy providing Jesus with the loaves and fishes to feed
the five  thousand, inspired by John 6
Right–Reference TBD