Capital Campaign

The Campaign Total as of June 14, 2019 stands at 1,522,600.00

The St. Charles community has enjoyed the beautiful building given to us by Colonel Baker for over 64 years. The traditional architecture is a vital part of the look and feel of downtown St. Charles.

The community uses our historic building every day for group meetings, a daytime guest ministry for the homeless, Boy Scouts, AA gatherings, the St. Charles Farmers Market…and of course a huge variety of music.

With music lessons, choirs rehearsing, brass and string ensembles practicing and the St. Charles Singers’ performances, the building is in constant use. Because we are a center of action in the downtown, things have been well used and now need to be repaired, replaced, and renewed to be welcoming and functional for the community.

We are holding a Capital Campaign to rebuild the church from the “inside out”. The sanctuary and the chapel will stay as they are. The balance of the building and its mechanics are being rethought and a plan for renewal and physical change is being put forth. We are taking care of this exceptional building for everyone to use.

We have an opportunity to be a part of the historical presence of St. Charles by working together to keep this building beautiful as well as functional for our community and the people who use our church.

Please consider a gift to our Campaign and watch as we renew our church “from the inside out” to serve our community.

Questions or comments? The capital campaign team would like to hear them. Send an email to: and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Visitor & Community Gift Opportunity: Click here for downloadable PDF

“This is one of the most important congregation wide tasks that Baker Memorial United Methodist Church has been faced with since Col. Edward Baker built and gave us a house of worship and a home for God in our lives. I hope this experience will be one that brings our church family closer, as we come together in prayer and generosity to make this vision a reality.”

Allan W. Scales

Chairman, Campaign Steering Committee