“Putting All Our Eggs In God’s Basket” by Rev. Ronni Verboom

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Our Scripture from Genesis today has been judged by many scholars to be the oldest of all statements related to Abraham. This is one of the most important passages in the Old Testament that describe the origins of our faith.

Abraham, and his wife, Sarah, are considered the father and mother of the Jewish and Christian faiths. The Muslim faith looks back to Abraham as their father as well, although they trace their line through his son Ishmael, born to Abraham and Hagar, Sarah’s handmaiden, prior to the birth of Isaac, the son of Abraham and Sarah.

At this point you may be feeling like someone who wandered into the wrong family reunion at the local picnic area. All these names and relationships can get complicated, so let’s review the story of Abraham and his family.

Preached on September 1, 2013

Genesis 15:1-12, 17-18

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