Farmers Market

The St. Charles Farmers Market is a year round farmers market.

The St. Charles Outdoor Farmers Market runs every Friday from June through October each year.

The St. Charles Indoor Farmers Market runs Fridays, weekly, November – May from 9-12 noon in Baker Hall. Enter via the Cedar Avenue entrance.

The St. Charles Outdoor Farmers Market opens the first Friday in June at 8 a.m. The Market is open every Friday through the end October from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. It is located at Fourth Avenue and Main Street, along Baker Memorial United Methodist Church.

The St. Charles Farmers Market offers fresh Kane County produce, fruit, cheese, eggs, beef and goat meat, poultry products, bountiful fruit and flowers from Michigan Orchards as well as fresh flowers, garden plants, honey, produce and foodstuffs from Illinois growers. The Market also offers a tempting array of gourmet food products, fresh baked bread, garden and landscaping products, jewelry, arts and crafts.

The St. Charles Farmers Market is sponsored by Baker Memorial United Methodist Church. The Market is a vital part of the Church’s community outreach and helps generate funds and increased awareness of the Church’s many mission programs.

Market Manager Robert Murphy says,  “We are thrilled to see the growing interest by farmers and food vendors in our market and very proud of the large number of farm-fresh family-owned farmers selling their products at this market.  I encourage the community to visit the Market on Fridays and to make it a weekly trip.”

St. Charles Farmers’ Market shoppers can also purchase breakfast and lunch items, coffee and beverages at the Market.  Delicious gourmet food items are available from a number of Market vendors and at the Baker Church Food Tent.

For more information, contact Rob Murphy, market manager, or find our Farmers’ Market on Facebook.

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 St. Charles Farmers Market
Baker Methodist Church
4th Avenue and Main Street
St. Charles, Illinois
Fridays 9-12pm, November-May, Indoor

Fridays, 8am – 1 pm, June-October, open air/seasonal
contact: Rob Murphy, market manager
630 988-0705

 Some of our Vendors

Curds & Whey Cheese Company

Curds & Whey Cheese Company began with the humble cheese curd and the demand to provide fresh curds at local farmer markets. In 2003 the St. Charles Farmers Market was going out of business. We moved the Market to its current site at Baker Memorial United Methodist Church and undertook to rebuild the Market under the sponsorship of Baker Church. Faced with the prospect of losing the Market’s cheese vendor as a result of the local cheese shop going out of business, Rob and Deb Murphy formed Curds & Whey Cheese Company with the initial goal of selling artisan and regional cheeses at the St. Charles Market. Along with great cheeses came fresh cheese curds from one of our favorite cheese makers, Renard’s Cheese Company of Door County, Wis.

Over the past several years, Curds & Whey expanded its business to include local farmer markets in the central Fox Valley Illinois region. Curds & Whey specializes in unique regional artisan cheeses, fine imported international cheeses, dairy products including butter, farmstead milk, farm fresh local eggs and related local foodstuffs.


Burgin Farms

Hi! My name is Bob. I am a local farmer and along with my beautiful wife Marcia, own and operate our farm. We’re Proud to say “Local, Wholesome, Healthy, Natural, Farm Fresh!

Address: 46W 725 Rt 38, Maple Park, IL
Products: natural hormone-free beef, pork and egg’s

Stojan’s Vegetables

(815) 827-3265

Stojan’s Vegetables is family owned and operated business located in Maple Park IL. Our Farm Fresh Vegetables are naturally grown and include everything from Sweet Corn to asparagus to strawberries to specialty pumpkins and popcorn.

Bema and Pa’s

Blackened-Spice-Bottle[1]Bema and Pa’s is a family owned and operated business which focuses wholesome ingredients of the best quality to bring.

Named for my grandmother and grandfather, we will always focus on bringing Natures finest to you in honor of the two people who brought me up and taught me about love, cooking and above all else the understanding that Nature Rules!

Nature Rules is the philosophy I live by which means that no matter what you do, try or envision in life:

  1. always remember that Nature will always prevail.
  2. Want to live long and happily enjoying every moment? Remember to base your food, activities, family and nurturing on the Laws of Nature and all things natural. You will succeed!
  3. Want to build a house on a hill or a beach? Remember to consider what Nature has in store for that spot!
  4. Want to grow lovely foods, beautiful flowers or even lasting friendships? Remember the climate, the health of where you’re growing and the nourishment given to the plants to ensure success! Even friendships are like gardens which need nurturing, warmth and regular tending to flourish.


Monika’s Organic Bakery

Welcome to Monika’s Organic Bakery where we use ingredients so healthy, even Mother-nature would approve! Staying true to our German roots, all the artisan baked goods you will find here are hand-made and contain nothing but the best, highest quality ingredients and LOTS of LOVE.

We source ORGANIC and GMO-free ingredients and buy local if possible.

Thanks for stopping by – now, go ahead, browse the goodies and remember to stop by at one of the farmers’ markets we set up shop at to say hi. And if you’re not in the area, drop us a line – We love to hear from you!!!!

Office Contact Information:
Sycamore, IL 60178
Company Email:


The Crystal Ranch

Hi, my name is Carol Rushton and I am Level 3 Reiki Master/Teacher. I am certified to heal others using Reiki energy. I came about this opportunity to learn about reiki through my own story of trying to understand why I could see no benefits to a lifetime of western medicine on my mind and body.

I wanted to understand why I never got better and how to heal those things I wished to heal at the core of the problem instead of covering up the symptoms with medication. I wanted to learn how to eliminate worry and fear from my mind so I could live a joyful, healthy, and productive life.

I began to search for a way to heal my heart. I prayed to God and received beautifully orchestrated guidance to the healing art of Reiki. In the time since I have found Reiki I have found an increase in not only inner peace but also I have conquered all addictions and experience consistently good health since.


The Joshua Tree Community

The Joshua Tree is a Day Program designed to serve Mildly Developmentally Disabled persons over the age of 22. The Joshua Tree provides supervised planned activities daily that include every participant, and we are committed to be imbedded in the Communities in which we live.

At the Baker Memorial Church Farmer’s Market, we sell breakfast bars, brownies and home-made sugar cookies. We also sell coffee, hot chocolate, hot tea and bottled water. We recently just started to sell hand-made fabric coasters and hand-made paper mache piggy banks.

The Joshua Tree Community
320 Franklin Street
Geneva, Il 60134


Tree-Mendus Fruit Farm

Tree-Mendus Fruit Farm, located in southwest Michigan, offers pick-your-own and fresh-harvested fruits in season. Apricots, cherries, peaches, nectarines, pears, plums, apples, blackberries, and red and black raspberries are all grown at Tree-Mendus Fruit Farm. Our country market boasts a variety of fruitful products including our own cherry topping, ciders, cherry juice, and apple butters. Tree-Mendus Fruit Farm is home of the world famous International Cherry Pit-Spitting Championship which happens every year on the first Saturday of July.

Our Mission Statement
A family operated business that strives to provide the best service to our visitors while furnishing a variety of the freshest and highest quality fruit available in an atmosphere for clean outdoor family fun.

Tree-Mendus Fruit Farm has been host to many family activities for over 25 years, among the most unique and fascinating is The International Cherry Pit Spitting Championship, held every year on the first Saturday in July. It’s the only Cherry Pit Spitting Contest recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records. There is plenty of wooded land to hike or, relish in a picnic on a sunny afternoon while you pick your fruit from over 450 acres of orchards.

Tradition and devotion to produce and market the finest fresh fruit available keeps customers coming back to Tree-Mendus Fruit Farm year after year, generation after generation. We hope you too will come and enjoy the orchards and make your trip to our farm a tradition with your family and friends.

The Teichman family is involved with all operations of the farm. There’s the up keep of the Antique Apple Museum Orchard, the Tree House Country Market, our family rent-a-tree program, and acres of wooded land for you and your family to enjoy.

We hope you visit us in person some day and expierence our farm and the beauty that it holds in more ways than one.
PHONE: 269-782-7101
9351 E. Eureka Rd.
Eau Claire, MI 49111


Angela Cuartas Jewelry

Website: and the Facebook page:
All the jewelry is handmade with sterling silver, gold filled, pearls, precious and semiprecious stones.