United Methodist Women

Baker Memorial’s United Methodist Women’s organization provides a variety of exciting opportunities for fellowship, Bible studies, missions outreach and fundraising, Here, Near, and Far Away. The Leadership Team, our governing board, meets the first Wednesday of every month. Our four active circles, each comprised of 10-20 women, are listed below. We welcome all women with open arms! 

Our four circles have a mission of helping women and children, locally and throughout the world. Each circle and our unit, as a whole, have the opportunity to raise awareness of projects and issues involving women and children. We host different types of fundraisers throughout the year to support many different organizations that help women and children prosper. 

In addition to our fund-raisers, we also pledge dollars to our UMW District on a yearly basis. This money, along with dollars from other UMW units, is combined and then distributed by the Women’s Division of the General Board of Global Ministries of the Methodist Church to organizations in the U.S. as well as throughout the world. As a unit, we contribute to the missions of Baker Memorial as well, donating to some of its many ministries and needed remodeling projects around our church. We are a busy group of women who will, with God’s help, continue our missions by pledging our money, time and talents. A heartfelt invitation is extended to all women in our congregation! Which Circle is best for YOU? 

UMW Circles

Sarah Ruth Circle This is a circle of retired women. Meetings generally take place on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 1:30pm. (3rd Wednesday in November and December) in the church Parlor. Circle Chair: Judy Schlarb

Lydia Circle –This is a circle of working and semi-retired women. Meetings take place on the fourth Tuesday of the month in the evenings at the discretion of the member hosting the event. Circle Chair: Loretta Wilson

Phoebe Circle – Meetings take place on the second Tuesday of the month from 9-1am in the Parlor, unless an outing is scheduled (e.g. a museum trip). Circle Chair: Michele Claney & Kristin Fischer

Esther Circle This is a circle of young women. Meetings take place at the discretion of the member hosting. Circle Chair: Melissa Arndt

Contact the church office for leader contact information at 630-584-6680 or info@bakermemoialchurch.org

UMW Leadership Team

President*: Pam Stare
Vice-President*: Jan McPeak
Treasurer*: Betty Erickson
Secretary*: Kristin Fischer
Social Justice*: Betty Erickson
Spiritual Growth*: Diana Seymour
Membership: Ginny Kuzniar
Reading Program: Barb Traver
Communications: open
Hospitality: Char Van Hiel & Sylvia Wennlund
Devotions: Carol Harris
Sunshine: open
SarahRuth Chair: Judy Schlarb & Jane Anderson
Lydia Chair: Isie Barclay & Kim Starr
Phoebe Chair: Michele Claney
Bunco Coordinator: Marge Meanger
Funeral Luncheon Coordinators: Chris Stumpf & Betty Erickson
* Member of Executive Board